Dear friends and music lovers,

We tried, we really tried, to go ahead with the Bob Fox and Billy Mitchell gig on 21st March but, following the  'advice' from the government it is with great reluctance that we have to inform you that the gig is cancelled.


We are very disappointed, as are Bob and Billy, but we were left with no option. We are already looking at alternative dates for the gig later in the year and we will keep you posted on this, plus other gigs we have lined up, although obviously some of these may also be affected by the events we are now facing.

May we apologise for the cancellation at this late stage but it was, as you will understand, totally beyond our control.


Billy Mitchell

and Bob Fox


Details and further information for this and other events can be found on our FORTHCOMING GIGS page and by following the links for each artist. You can also buy and pay for your tickets directly from that page.


So please check back occasionally and sign up for our NEWSLETTER if you haven't already done so.


Chris and Steve

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